What is an Aerosexual and what we are about

What is an Aerosexual and what we are about

What is an Aerosexual?

An Aerosexual is someone who is passionate and in love with aviation. Or simply put, Aroused by Aviation. Wondering if you identify as an Aerosexual? Let’s take a deeper look:

Do your eyes turn to the sky as an aircraft glides through the sky above you? Have you ever been to an air show and felt the deep rumble in your core of an F-35, Harrier, or Osprey directly over your head that shook your insides and ignited some fire and excitement in you? Ever just sat and watched the airplanes land and take off from an airport or pondered the engineering and mechanics of how metal carrying cargo or people is capable of flying like a bird in the sky? If you can relate to or answer yes to any of these questions, you are likely an Aerosexual. And this is the place for you!

What is Aerosexual Brand about?

My name is Holidais and I am an Aerosexual. I have been my entire life. My mom used to tell me how when I was a tiny kid I would freak out when a “double hoto” (a Chinook) would fly over me. I grew up in San Diego, California, in a small town called Poway, just up the 15 freeway from Miramar where the US Navy Blue Angels used to be based, and Top Gun school takes place. They would run their practice courses over my house. I lived for the Miramar Airshow every year (still do). At one point, my dad lived on Kettner and Hawthorn, just a mile from Lindbergh Air Field (SAN Airport) and we would go to the top of his building and watch the planes land and take off for hours. At 18 I moved to Arizona and on my first flight home to visit my parents, I sat next to a flight attendant. She told me about the benefits for myself and family from being a flight attendant. I knew right then and there that I wanted my turn in the sky. I turned my insatiable passion for aviation into a career at 21 and got hired at my first airline in 2006. I’ve been a flight attendant ever since. April 7, 2024 makes 18 years. But now, I want more. 

This brand is not only to share my passion for aviation with others, so we can recognize each other in public when you see someone else in an Aerosexual shirt or with a sticker on their water bottle. This will be assisting to fund my training to get my pilot license and move from cabin to cockpit. With each order, you are helping me work towards my dreams of moving forward in my aviation career. I thank you ahead of time for helping me make my dream a reality. You are supporting a small business as well as keeping food on my table and in my pup’s bowl, and making it possible to fly less as a flight attendant so I can free time to take flying lessons and pursue my pilot’s license. If you are as passionate about all things aviation as I am, I invite you to share my page and products with your fellow Aerosexuals. 

Fly high,
Founder and CEO



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